Illustrating Bible Stories

Learning the many stories told in the Bible is an important facet of attending church and religious education. These stories are often used to accentuate...


Attending the Local Church

Churches are generally open to everyone that wishes to attend their services. Being a member of the faith is not always necessary. There are no...


Religious Classes for Couples

Married couples often have children, homes and careers. For those who attend church on a regular basis, classes have been formed to help them live...


Bride’s Walk Down the Aisle

Young girls listen to fairy tales and dream of their future husband. They spend hours planning their wedding day. They will have the most beautiful...

Churches are centers of faith, and part of their work is educating the local populace. Many hold classes for children. These classes are centered on learning Bible stories as well as information about the church. Younger children are generally given allegorical stories to help them understand basic information about good and evil. Older children are given lessons about the reasons behind more complex stories. Rather than have children misunderstand important fundamentals of their faith, churches providing lessons for clarification. This has always been an integral part of many religious institutions.

Occasionally adults will convert to the faith of their spouse or significant other. Adult religious education is often provided before these people are accepted into the faith. This is done to make sure the convert understands the religious commitment they are making. It also gives the adult a foundation of basic information about the religion and how to correctly practice their new faith.